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Jason Eden

JT Eberhard

Molly Burkemper

Matt Dillahunty

Phil Ferguson

Brandon Christen


9:45 Opening Remarks

Nancy's opening remarks

10:00 Jason Eden

The Psychology of Belief

11:00 JT Eberhard

Why Mental Illness Needs the Skeptical Movement

12:00 Lunch

This is when you eat!

2:00 Molly Burkemper

Logical Fallacies and Other Cognitive Problems

3:00 Ice Breakers

Meet and greet session

4:00 Matt Dillahunty

I don't believe you - isn't a good start.

5:30 Question Series hosted by Tara and James

6:00 Closing Remarks

Nancy's closing remarks

7:30 After Party!

After party. Cash bar and 90's cover band Quitting Amy will begin at 8:30 and end at 12:30


10:30 Ethical Society Mid Rivers

Special Guest Host: JT Eberhard

11:30 Lunch

Happy food time!

12:00 Card Against Humanity

The Cards Against Humanity games begins

1:00 Phil Ferguson

Breaking the Cycle - How to Help Kids Out of Religion

2:00 Brandon Christen

Belief, Doubt, Evidence, and the Tricky Nature of Truth

4:00 Cards Against Humanity

The Cards Against Humanity games ends

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What is Seekerfest STL?

Seekerfest STL 2015 is a two-day conference at the St. Charles Convention Center in Saint Charles, Missouri (a suburb of St. Louis).

Seekerfest is an opportunity for those of all faith backgrounds--believer or unbeliever--to come together and share their religious views with a community of open-minded friends. Hosted by the O’Fallon Freethinkers, the event will focus on nonjudgmental discussion of various topics pertaining to religion, philosophy, rational thinking, secular living, and morality. We welcome thinkers of all ages, orientations, races, and creeds. Come enjoy lively talks, a stellar party, and some of the best company.

Saturday activities include guest speakers from Jason Eden, JT Eberhard, Molly Burkemper, and Matt Dillahunty, tables from supporting organizations, Q&A table to ask those really hard questions you may have about god, *lots* of time to socialize and just hang out with other cool like-minded people, and an after-party including a cash bar and live 90s cover band, Quitting Amy.

On Sunday, the Ethical Society of Mid Rivers will host their weekly meetup with guest speaker JT Eberhard, followed by a talk by our very own Brandon Christen and the amazing host of the Skeptic Money podcast Phil Ferguson. Next will be a Cards Against Humanity game room. Also feel free to bring the kids! A kid’s room will be available during the conference on Saturday and Sunday.

Location Information:

St. Charles Convention Center

How long will it be?

The conference will begin at 9:45 on Saturday and end at 5:30 the next day.

Hotels in the area:
Embassy Suites Hotel at the convention center
Fairfield Inn & Suites
America's Best Value Inn

About the hosts!

Seekerfest STL, which has a theme in 2015 of "A Safe Place to Ask the Really Tough Questions About God," is a conference that is aimed at people who *want* to be able to openly question what they are told to believe. It is a conference for all seekers of truth, including those from religious backgrounds who may still be struggling with their doubts about their religious faith.

You are not alone in your doubts. We all have questions, and it is alright to ask them! Help us put on a conference where you and others can feel safe to explore the truth!

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